The Full Story


Based in beautiful Calgary Alberta Canada, the gateway to the Rockies, FAHRT Systems began by creating a rear seat delete system for their Toyota Tundra Crewmax. The owners of the company are dedicated to the off-road/adventure/overlanding lifestyle and wanted to have a secure place to store items in the cab of the truck as well as providing a comfortable and safe place for their dogs while traveling. After numerous revisions the first rear seat delete system was completed. The initial system was very well received by the public and many requests were received for other vehicle types.

Thus, FAHRT Systems Inc. came to be. Using only the best materials available and design / build methods proven to be reliable time and again, FAHRT began its journey into the overlanding industry.

Why FAHRT? While the name is not one that is forgettable, it is the German word for “journey". So join us on our journey, and let our products assist you on a safe journey on yours.



At FAHRT Systems, we provide safe travel solutions for the everyday traveler through to the serious expedition enthusiasts, providing sleeping platforms and storage solutions with safe lockable storage and cargo space. Destination ANYWHERE.


To create advanced safety and storage solutions on an ongoing basis. Cultivating new ideas, seeking out transforming concepts and operating with unbending ethical standards.