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Lexus LX470 Seat Delete

At Fahrt Systems we design and construct functional, durable, high-quality storage solutions and accessories for the every day driver through to the extreme overlanding enthusiast. Whatever your passion, a custom Fahrt Systems design can help you securely store your tools, recovery gear, cooking and food prep, as well as complete sleeping platforms.

Whatever you drive, wherever you want to store your gear, Fahrt Systems can create something for you that is not only durable and functional but looks great too.

Designing with our team of experts is easy. Simply tell us what vehicle you have, what you are looking for from a functional perspective i.e. potable water system, fridge slides, sleeping platform or accessories that need to be incorporated and we can turn around a design to fit your needs. You can customize everything, right down to the colors, finishes, and accessories.




At Fahrt Systems we specialize in the the design and manufacture of overlanding lockable storage systems, full extension heavy-duty drawer systems, seat delete and sleeping platforms tailored to suit the needs of each individual.

Toyota Tundra Canopy Interior with Lagun Table
Land Cruiser 100 Rear Plate System with Drawer and Fridge Shroud with Stove Slide. Molle panel and Pet Barrier


From the initial brief we will attain a list of your equipment and gear and create a design built to suit your needs.  


All of our systems can be modified to accommodate your specific requirements. We can alter dimensions and finish plus, mix and match design elements to create a piece that works for you.


Alternately, you can choose from one of our existing builds i.e. seat deletes, kitchen drawers, or cabinet systems. 


Once your build begins, we will maintain contact with you during the whole process. We provide progress updates and photos  and will confirm throughout if any changes to the build are required.

With every step of the process being handled in-house,  your piece is built exactly to your requirements and always to exceed your expectations.   

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Designing your Fahrt System with our team is easy! Tell us the basics and we'll reach out to you to begin the journey. 

In the "details" section please state your vehicle make, model, and year. Describe briefly what your goals are with the build (i.e. camp kitchen, sleeping platform, rear seat delete etc.) 


At Fahrt Systems we use only the very finest materials ensuring you receive a superior quality product. 

Our cold rolled steel drawer slides are certified to EN 60068-2-64 Standard (Environmental testing – Ground vehicle installations: Vibration, random, and guidance), The bearings are hardened steel. The slides have been tested to 50,000 cycles on full load... all with a load bearing capacity of 250 KG/pr (550 lbs) at full extension.

Our light-weight, highly durable fabric covering has a PVC backing, is super easy to clean and is made in the USA. The heavy duty polyurethane elastomer coating is specifically designed for heavy truck use and is hot applied at 180 F by a locally sourced proudly Canadian company.

We have tried several options for tie down anchors and after much searching have been able to source a high quality industrial cargo track and O-ring system that allows the most options for increased safety and functionality.

All of our builds are 100% Baltic Birch, this ensures very high rigidity and dynamic load strength. Baltic Birch is manufactured with a higher number of plys and each ply is 100% hardwood. This provides superior fastener holding strength and excellent machining properties. In an effort to increase our environmental sustainability we at Fahrt utilize 100% of each sheet, scrap pieces are repurposed in-house to manufacture accessories for our camp kitchens. 

All of our in-house coatings are VOC free! 

Kitchen Slide/Fridge Shroud
Ford Tremor @tremoroverland RDL Canopy Interior for overlanding
Mercedes Van Kitchen Tunnel


Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2J 3E5


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