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Lexus GX470 Rear Drawer Storage System

Our Process


Firstly, fill out the "request for quote" form.
Once we have received and reviewed this we will calculate an estimated price based on your request or reach out to you so we can discuss your build in greater detail. You will then receive an initial estimate for your personalized system.

Should you choose to proceed with a custom Fahrt System, we will finalize the estimate and email a first invoice request for a 50% deposit as a placeholder for your approximate date of construction. We will then order any materials required in preparation for the build. Please note that our shop works on a first come first serve basis. Expect your start date to change due to us being custom for the time being. 

Please note that if an order is cancelled after the 50% deposit has been paid Fahrt Systems reserves the right to retain any portion of the deposit to cover expenses incurred (labor and/or materials) related to the cancelled order.

Several days prior to your build date we will reach out to you to confirm details.

During your build there might be some clarifications throughout the day by email or text. We will also send you daily updates and progress pictures most throughout the build process. 

Once your build is completed to your satisfaction, we will send a request for the final payment, plus or minus any changes that may have affected the final price, to be paid PRIOR to installation.

We are a build to order company and at the moment once initial payment is received, your wait time is approximately 1 to 2 weeks depending on the size of the system required.

Ford E150 Van Interior with Kitchen Tunnel


Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2J 3E5


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